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Performing music as a solo guitarist is a joy for me.  I am available to perform a set of music in a variety of styles, with and without vocals.  I take great pleasure in coming up with the repertoire that is best suited to the venue and occasion. 

"For at least 3 years Joe Stone performed every Sunday Night at the HON BAR.

We had the most wonderful group of Sunday Night Supper people who were surprised we had music and then thrilled that Joe played every Sunday Night. Joe's music was a great mix of genres so there was something for everyone. 

Joe playing the guitar was certainly the highlight of my week. I can also attest to the fact that Joe is a great guitar teacher as well."

Denise Whiting

Cafe Hon



I play guitar and sing in two original rock bands, Batworth Stone and The Jennifers.  Both bands have played many shows in the Baltimore/DC area and are available for gigs performing originals and covers.  Batworth Stone can be described as garage rock and is inspired by 60s British Invasion and psychedelic rock, 70s punk and hard rock, and 80s new wave and post-punk.  The Jennifers are an original power pop/indie rock band in the vein of Talking Heads, The Who, XTC, Pink Floyd, Robyn Hitchcock, Echo & the Bunnymen, Blondie, and David Bowie.


I am an experienced and patient teacher who can help you to reach your musical goals.  Lessons are taught via Skype, Facetime, or Zoom - beginner through advanced level.  Adults and children age 6 and up are welcome.

Call (410) 215-0693 or email to schedule. 

Student references provided upon request.

"After working with Joe in person for a couple of years, we were forced to move my guitar lessons online as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.  While I initially approached this new format with trepidation, the lessons have turned out to be great.  Classes take place via Skype and we typically spend half our time covering concepts related to music theory and their application to the guitar and the second half working on one or two songs of my choice.  Joe does an excellent job of preparing for these lessons - including writing up tab sheets and practice instructions that he sends in advance of our online classes.  He is also very adept at providing feedback and correcting any issues or problems with my performances.  I have been very pleased with these lessons and strongly recommend taking online classes with Joe."

Matt H. from Towson, MD

"My 15-year-old son has been taking lessons from Joe for the past year. This is after we had gone to several other teachers over the course of several years. Before Joe, I never felt my son had a teacher who challenged him while at the same time kept things fun and engaging so that my son would enthusiastically want to practice and continue learning. Joe strikes this balance well. I am a musician myself and, from that perspective, appreciate Joe's talent, knowledge, and ability to connect with a student at their level. I also note that, since the onset of COVID-19, Joe has transitioned smoothly to giving lessons via Zoom. I would highly recommend Joe to teach students of any age and level. He's great!"

Jeffrey G. from Baltimore, MD

"Joe has a great personality, is good with kids, and approaches teaching thoughtfully and methodically. In the two years that he has been working with my son, he's taught him to sing while playing, focused on key skills like scales, strumming, interval training, chord progression, finger and alternate picking-- all while teaching him a wide variety of great songs. We highly recommend Joe for guitar lessons for kids and teens."

Karen T. from West Towson, MD

"Joe has taught our son guitar for about two years now. He is the best. He is flexible, interested, utterly talented, and totally personable. Whether in person or via Zoom, he teaches patiently and meets each request our son makes. He even invited our son to play with him at his regular gig! What a guy. Do yourself a favor and let Joe teach you/your music lover!"

Sarah B. from Baltimore, MD

"I would highly recommend Joe Stone for guitar lessons. He is patient, relates well to my teenager, has adapted well to the new online teaching world we are living in and is very affordable. And he's a super nice guy."

Mari Kate C. from Baltimore, MD

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