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I have a love of teaching and music, and I thoroughly enjoy watching my students make progress with the guitar*. I am a flexible teacher who structures lessons to suit the interests and goals of the beginner through advanced-level student. I can help you to build a repertoire of favorite songs and/or pieces in any style, to perform or simply to play for your own enjoyment. I also offer instruction in technique, music theory, ear training, and music reading.  By developing a practical understanding of these topics, you will acquire useful tools for teaching yourself new material, writing your own music, playing improvised solos, and accompanying other musicians. 

Lessons are taught remotely on Zoom, Skype, or Facetime.  Materials are sent as PDF documents before or during the lesson for students to print or read onscreen.

*I also teach ukulele lessons for children and adults!


Initial lesson(s) can be paid one at a time.  Once a regular time is established, students pay for four weekly lessons at a time or two bi-weekly lessons at a time.  Once a lesson has been scheduled and paid for, there is no refund for a cancellation except for sickness or emergency.  However, students may reschedule the missed lesson during the same week if schedules permit.  Students may also schedule and pay for one lesson at a time if that better suits their learning style or schedule. 


Please let me know if you'd like to speak with some of my current students for a reference.

"Studying guitar with Joe Stone is a delight. Joe brings an expertise in several musical forms -- classical, jazz, Brazilian, and pop -- and shares his knowledge with flexibility and style. He is equally at ease with beginners as well as the more advanced students. I would recommend Joe Stone as a fine guitar teacher for any level of student, as well as for students of all ages."
Kim Tyson (Baltimore, MD)

"Joe Stone is a wonderfully patient teacher who can engage and keep interested even the most active and restless children. My son has taken guitar lessons for about a year and his interest in guitar and music in general is growing steadily. As with the majority of eleven-year-old kids, my child is much more into the "rocking it" than in learning the basics, but Joe managed to keep the lessons from becoming a chore by improvising, doing impromptu jam sessions, and changing assignments all the while working on his technique. I wholeheartedly recommend Joe to students of all ages interested in guitar music: from acoustic to electric, from jazz and Latin to rock - Joe can show you versatility of the instrument and share his love of music and teaching."
Yanna Rachinskaya (Owings Mills, MD)

"Joe Stone is an exceptionally gifted teacher, who artfully blends the teaching of theory and technique to create a firm foundation for future growth.  His patience and insight into the mastering of the guitar from the student’s perspective are exceptional.  He has a unique ability to assess what the student is able and desires to do, and his technique is based on effectively building on what the student has already mastered.  In so doing, he gives ample attention to techniques and music fundamentals in a way that is fun and meaningful for the student.  It was a pleasure exploring the guitar with Joe, and I am looking forward to continuing our work together in the future.  I wholeheartedly recommend his services to any aspiring guitarist."
Earl Keel (Severna Park, MD & Kitty Hawk, NC)

"I'm very, very pleased to be learning guitar from Joe, and I'm happy to recommend him to a tremendous variety of students.  I have found that he uses his own extensive abilities, knowledge and versatility to help me learn the kind of music I am interested in. The understanding of music that he is teaching me along with playing is giving me a strong foundation that is helping me to learn faster and enabling me to branch into new (for me) kinds of music.  I appreciate his patience, and at the same time his ability to make me push beyond what I initially believe I can do."
Carolyn Fulton (Baltimore, MD) 

"I took guitar lessons with Joe Stone for one year. Even though I had no prior guitar experience, Joe was teaching me how to play one of my favorite songs within the first lesson! Joe has an amazing ear and can teach you how to play anything you bring in on your ipod. No wasting time with boring campfire songs from 20 year old guitar books! He is a patient teacher and makes learning fun! I highly recommend him."
Keli Strickland (Owings Mills, MD)

"I have been taking lessons with Joe for two (I believe I hit the two year mark...not sure) years.  Joe has an extensive knowledge of music theory and is capable of teaching all styles of music.  We have played everything from classical to blues to R&B.  The classes are relaxed, and Joe's friendly, easy going manner immediately puts you at ease."
Terry Jackson (Brooklyn, MD) 

"I would highly recommend Joe Stone as a guitar instructor. I have taken lessons from a few other instructors over the years and what sets Joe apart from the others is that he is patient, not a clock watcher, and very passionate about helping you succeed at playing guitar. He will teach you the music that YOU want to play - not what he wants to play.  Joe has a very diverse music background and will teach you the history of the music as well as the correct chords to play your favorite songs.  He has helped me become a better guitar player by making learning more interesting." 
David Bennett (Westminster, MD)

"I find Joe to be a very patient instructor and accommodating with his schedule.  He provides encouragement especially during those difficult bar chord moves.  I am impressed that his goal is to have your sound closely resemble the original artist.  Jamming together is always an enjoyable moment at the end of the lesson."
Bette Ford (Baltimore, MD) 

"Joe is a patient, professional guitar instructor that keeps the attention of young (and old) students and provides expert instruction.  My nine year old son looks forward to Joe's lesson, practices his guitar daily, and is learning guitar basics quickly. My son's enthusiasm for playing guitar is due, in large part, to Joe's easy style and great instructional skill."
Jennifer Weeks (Baltimore, MD) 

"As we approach yet another anniversary of your working with Jim on the guitar, I wanted to thank you again for your incredible patience as a teacher, your remarkable skill and talent as a musician, and - not least - your unfailing good humor and ability to bring out the best in your students.

In the five years that you’ve been coming to the house to teach Jim, we have seen him grow from a kid who was initially uncomfortable with the guitar to a young man who plays three different instruments and who moves easily from basic acoustic to electric and heavy metal, right on through jazz and to his newest interest, classical.

I know in my heart that he would not have stuck with the practicing and would not have grown to love the music as he has if it had not been for your guidance. Your teaching style gave him a strong, solid background and the confidence to succeed, all in a relaxed, creative environment. You made him a better musician than even he thought he could be!
Thanks for everything,
Dianne Donovan (Baltimore, MD) 

"Joe has been our son's guitar teacher for about a year and a half.  He is very cordial and friendly to everyone in our family.  He comes into our home excited to teach - enthusiasm that extends to my son.  He allows my son to choose music that interests him, but he also challenges him with new music and techniques.  My son loves his music lessons and playing the guitar.  I have seen and heard him make incredible progress in his music.  Joe has been great!"
Helen Aberle (Baltimore, MD) 

"Joe started teaching my son guitar a year ago when he'd just turned 7. Within months, Rory was able to play basic songs, learn proper technique, and learn to read music. Joe is great with my son-he engages him in the music, is patient when needed, and instructive. Rory is learning to jam on the guitar, slide, and more. He has gained confidence, speed, dexterity, and skill in the past year working with Joe. I'd highly recommend Joe to work with any young student."
Marceline White (Baltimore, MD) 

"I began taking lessons with Joe in February of 2010. I learned something new with every lesson. I found Joe to be knowledgeable, skilled and patient. I would recommend him to any of my friends who want to learn to play guitar without hesitation (and have done so). I look forward to continuing my lessons and becoming an excellent musician."
Frank Gaskins (Baltimore, MD) 

"I started playing guitar as an "older" person with trepidation and a lot of enthusiasm. Joe has been amazing at keeping the learning process fun and moving forward. He is a dedicated teacher and musician and I have no doubt that he would work well with all ages and musical expertise. Thanks Joe."
Gina Hoag (Timonium, MD) 
"I highly recommend Joe Stone for anyone learning the guitar from beginners to those trying to improve their skills.  Joe tailors his lessons to the needs and interests of his students.  He is patient, kind, and has a wonderful way of imparting his vast guitar knowledge.  He is also a great guy who keeps it fun and light.  I always look forward to my lesson!"
Sue Heslin - Catonsville, MD

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